Our Products


A system that allows customers to verify their clients' identity and then take the needed action automatically according to the verification results.


  • Big data analytics reporting system.
  • Mining our big data to produce in-depth analytical reports.
  • Building custom reports as requested by the client.
  • Based on a subscription system, where the client receives a periodic report on specified areas of interest.


  • Twitter big data analytics, search, and visualization system.
  • Focus on Twitter activity on the Arab world.
  • Completely built and owned by TCC, HW and SW.


Amen is a leading secure mobile voice and messaging communication solution that enables secure mobile communications, wherever and whenever required.
Amen mobile applications, distributed over a private application store, are available on widely used mobile operating systems such as iOS and Android, where all the corresponding back-end system components can be hosted at client premises allowing government departments, military organizations and enterprises to communicate seamlessly and securely while controlling and managing the major system components themselves.


A document exchange desktop application that delivers a high level of security to clients by utilizing national encryption algorithms and using a security token to store private keys.

Smart Tracking

TCC smart tracking solution is a comprehensive Tracking and Fleet management platform. This platform is based on open source platform hosted in client premises using offline maps and providing the following features:

  • Live tracking, alerting and reporting
  • Devices zone alert (Geofencing)
  • Historical visits logs
  • Analytical reporting


A solid way of identifying people online using their unique digital identity. IAM has the ability to provide assurance to electronic service providers, by verifying the identity of the individual seeking to obtain their services.

Cyber Probes

  • Passive Monitoring Solutions
  • Enhanced passive analysis and detection.
  • No impact on the production network.
  • Essential in establishing a national level threat intelligence platforms.


Allows entities to communicate with their clients via SMS without sharing the individual's mobile information, which maintains their privacy. The service works by providing the IDs of targeted audience and the message content, then sending the message to the numbers associated with the provided IDs.