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What is "Tawasul"?

"Tawasul" is an advanced system that automatically encrypts documents sent through fax, Internet and mobile to ensure the utmost security using the highly advanced encryption standards.

"Tawasul" System is one of TCC’s products in Communication Security, specially designed for Privet sectors.

It was designed and developed in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in cooperation with TCC’s R&D partner by national cryptography experts having more than 20 years of experience in cryptography.

"Tawasul" guarantees high security of sensitive business or personal data sent through faxes by an individual or company.


  • Was developed with an Arabic interface for ease of use.
  • Fast and automatic Encryption process.
  • Can easily identify any illegal attempts to break the encryption.
  • Re-encrypts a document when resending again.
  • Unlimited sending and receiving in color or black and white.
  • Sends files and folders (Word, Excel, PDF and PowerPoint).
  • Contains a log file and copies of sent and received faxes.
  • Can store as many contacts and numbers as you like, and you can easily edit, delete, and update.
  • You can print received fax and provides notification of successful receiving /sending.

Salient Features

Salient Features Salient Features Salient Features