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What is Hamis?

The Technology Control Company is specialized in the field of encrypting calls and has adopted advanced technology on a national level. Its services include guaranteeing information confidentiality to its customers in various governmental sectors.

Hamis is a special encryption service with a built-in landline device technology that instantly encrypts voice calls using a live voice communication application operating on regular landlines: PSTN.

What are the features of Hamis?

Hamis has the following encryption features:

  • Advanced encryption algorithms, AES-265- using a 256 bits key.
  • he key is generated by a real number generator that complies with the standards of the United States National Institute of Standards and Technology.
  • Managing continuous and real-time keys through the Diffie-ellman system.
  • Compatible with encrypted landline voice calls to totally avoid voice delays, disturbance, or anything that could affect the quality of the voice or cause a change in the voice.
  • The landline devices are manufactured by an international company with European/American manufacturing standards.
  • The encryption system is a national system that adheres to international standards and is one of the most advanced encryption systems.
  • All devices require the standard 220 volts electricity circuit.
  • The encrypted landline system is compatible with the global terrestrial network and directly operates on Landlines.

Salient Features

Salient Features Salient Features Salient Features