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  1. Knowledge Guide (KG)

    Knowledge Guide is an easy-to-use business intelligence solution with bundled tools for Data Preparation, Profiling, Data Analysis, Advanced Data Visualization, Data Mining, Textual Entities Extraction & Strategy Design Functionality to provide insights that empower better decisions.

    Knowledge Guide is designed to solve complex business problems and to achieve the key objectives for a wide range of business areas such as Communications,    Education, Human Resource Management, Financial Services, Health Care, Hotels, Manufacturing, Media, Oil Gas & Petroleum Products, Retail Industry, Life & Health Sciences, Travel Transportation & Accommodation, security Investigations and Utilities.

  2. Social Media Listener (SML)

    Social Media listener (SML) is a tool to analyze public media networks that are helpful for an organization(s) to exploit the many potential business benefits of social media network, which can aid them to attract the attention of their target audience. In addition, this solution provides a suitable technique to manage Big Data Storage and retrieve the data from the famous social media’s such as Twitter and Facebook. Social Media listener (SML) is designed and developed to Analyze Conversation Data, identify how consumers feel about brands, products and be put to good use by marketing, research firms and many other organizations.

  3. Big Data Framework (BDF)

    Big Data Workbench is a Data Platform to Store, Index, Distribute, Organize and Retrieve bulk & huge amount of data (Big Data) whether these data are structured or unstructured.

    Big Data Workbench BDW is designed and developed to deal with a large amount of data and different type of data by using Hadoop technology. This solution is huge data container and data pipeline, which can be used for other systems such as social media Listener SML or knowledge guide,  as well as it is a scalable system and cost effective.

  4. Classification of Arabic Content (CAC)

    Arabic text extraction solution is a technique for obtaining specific Arabic entities such as Persons Names, Books, Organizations, Banks, Newspapers  ... etc., from unstructured data. This solution is based on Arabic rules and unique Arabic dictionaries.  They have been written and compiled by professional linguists in Arabic language. Unique Arabic dictionaries and Arabic rules are first initiatives of TCC to focus on developing and provisioning a solution for automatic Arabic text extraction. This area is one of the attractive areas within the company on the field as it provides unequaled and unique outstanding solutions.

    Classification of Arabic contents solution is part of TCC initiatives on Natural Language Processing (NLP) this solution presents fast and accurate method to classify Arabic contents automatically by using machine learning techniques. Classification of Arabic contents solution is supportive tools to help users take a decision about classifying Arabic contents that useful on email categorization, whether spam or harm emails categorization.

  5. Sentiment Analysis

    Sentiment analysis is one of TCC initiatives in Natural Language Processing (NLP) in Arabic language in order to provide new tools to measure pulse of the street and people satisfaction through analyzing public social media network. This solution can be used for many types of content, such as email correspondence systems and customer care systems in order to specify people sentiments shortly.