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Knowledge Management business unit is one of Technology Control Company TCC specialized unit that completely focused on Data (structured or unstructured) regardless of its type or format the increasing demand from citizens for a better and convenient access to services and for an easy to use experience at the same time government and private organization are facing the increasing demands from new regulations and requirements without a sufficient funding to support these rules; as per the rising of cost are created from an aging infrastructure this will lead to an increases of spending for maintenance and support to implement all the required new regulations ; government can solved these problems by digging deeper into the data they already has and surfacing connection and insight into how their goals and objectives can be fulfilled and improved by using their data ; that is way our business unit was focused and dedicated to solve these issues for our government as part of our duty towards our country ; and from there we found the best way to make use of it by creating a real intelligent solutions for the knowledge worker to make decision based on a complete accurate collected data that they already owned.


Every origination has its own valuable (Gold mind) of data source but they are denied the correct access to its values either because they are not seeing it or they are too busy to implement these types of complicated solutions without the Knowledge or the write set of skills.


We proudly helped our valued customers in this field because we extremely Confident in our services and products that was delivered to our government clients and we consider ourselves as one of the leading companies in this fields. Our own resources and our own products with our unique services was the major part of our success.


Using our knowledge and experience though the implantation of (Enterprise business Applications) as first step of any implementation then building our Knowledge from the collected data (Business Intelligent) from this knowledge we creates the information then we deliver the wisdom required  to make the accurate decisions based on facts and information , we Also was one of the first Saudi Organizations that successfully implemented a complete big data solutions which is hosted in our own Data-center on a complete open source platform (Big data).

We provide a full range of services in addition to our proven reliable products:

Enterprise Business Application: (including ERP, CRM, Middleware Integration, Process Solutions and Industry Vertical Solutions).

Business intelligence: (including Cognitive computing , data management , data quality , statistical analysis , data warehousing and predictive analysis).

Big data and analytic: ( including the Big data Design and architecture , Big Data implementation services , Big Data integration services and Big data intelligence analysis services)

All of these combined professional services and a certified Project Management methodologies including consultancy in applications business intelligent and big data provided though our Knowledge Management business Unit.


Knowledge management products:


1)      Tweetana: provides a full analysis of the Arabic tweets from the social media “twitter”; this product comes as a subscription base.


2)      TAAWAN: This product is working as data repository for the client data, for both Structure (database) and unstructured (Documents and text) and works of cooperation to integrate this data also contains (geographical information system, search engine, analysis systems, reporting systems, predication analysis, tasks and case management systems).


3)      MOTABEE: This product are based on the data collected using (IOT) Internet Of Things and data collected from any type of a hardware devices and the product unified data in one data repository which provides the analyst and the decision makers a list of services including full 360 degree of the events , reports , activities and predication analysis.



LABEB: This is product is basically an Arabic Search engine works on a huge Arabic library of words and index rules and includes many other different languages as well; the product was developed by our development team to provide our clients with most suitable business cases and unique Arabic language requirements; it provides a fast and most relevant result depending on our client search criteria. 


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