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Biometric solutions

The Biometric Business Unit (BBU) is a Division of the Technology Control Company (TCC).  We are the systems integration arm of TCC specialized in the development of biometric identification and verification-based solutions. Our extensive experience in integrating people, processes and technologies enables us to design, build and operate practical and robust solutions.

TCC Biometrics Business unit offers end-to-end solutions in the fields of biometrics, physical security, and electronic media content through its three business lines branches:

• Identify management (IDM)

• Access control and Surveillance (ACS)

• Forensics and e-Documents (FED)



SEMATI is an automated real-time fingerprint-based identity verification solution. SEMATI utilizes the MOI-NIC fingerprint Database for verification processes.


The most accurate 3D biometric-quality facial recognition solution available in the world.

Software Solutions


 Biometrics Business Unit has its own in-house software development team which is intended to support the software development and system integration needs for the Biometric Unit three business lines and their respective customers.  

Infrastructure Management


Biometrics Business Unit (BBU) has a team of highly skilled, certified engineers with vast knowledge of enterprise datacenters, deep technical skills and experience in industry best practices.  With this talented team the Biometric Unit is able to offer the most extensive set of services and create more value for clients


BIM core business lines cover the following: 

  • Identity management.
  • Forensic & e-Document.
  • Access Control and Surveillance.