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Why Go With Us?

1 - Our products/Services are unique and have not been offered within the kingdom of Saudi Arabia before. What make us stand out are our knowledge, expertise and experience of working with large organizations such as the Saudi Government, Ministry Of Information. We also stand out because of the uniqueness of our solutions i.e. working with an Arabic content, the financial muscle of TCC and our partnerships with international venders.

2 - We use the PMI (Project Management Institution) method to manage a project as a whole.  All of our project managers are PMI certified. We use PMI because it is currently recognized as the best project management methodology in the world. It is recognized as meeting international standards and requirements, thus allowing TCC to work with international clients and companies that have a global presence. TCC uses PMI method almost exclusively without feeling the need to turn to another project management methodology. 

3 - We use agile software development methodology during the development life cycle of product. The main reason for this is because the iterative nature of the methodology gives the developers the confident that the application reflects the client’s needs and wants; by tackling one thing at a time and getting feedback on it before moving on to the next stage. If the user’s requirements have changed during the development process, changes can be made relatively easy before they snowball into huge problems.


Typical stages of interaction with a client include:

  • Understand needs
  • Select correct product
  • Provide proof of concept
  • Start development
  • Product Testing
  • Product Deployment
  • Support