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Our Values

Although TCC is a fresh company, it is aware of that company values are not just important but are the single most vital issue to the overall success of any companies without regard to number of employees or size of the company. Hence, the founders of TCC have spent a great deal of time determining the ethics and business conducts of TCC to build not only a great company, but also a company having strong ties with the community and environment.



Effective communication with our clients & partners is the key of success.



Integrity by sticking to fair vision, mission, objectives and work plans through a trusted work team.



Transparency is only way to build trust between a company and its customers. Therefore, TCC strives mightily to improve the corporate transparency



To be responsible for every project we execute. We believe that projects success is an incentive for us to achieve major successes and at the same time we acknowledge responsibility for unsuccessful projects in order to avoid mistakes in the future.



Every employee at TCC is fully committed to contribute to a client’s success because this equally translates into the employee’s and TCC’s success.